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Marketplaces, Urban Informality and the Everyday

Over the years, I have lived in different cities within India and every time a move happened, I would take the opportunity to visit the public markets or bazaars. It was In 2007 that I first started to write down my experiences in a BLOG: INDIAN BAZAARS

This writing continued until 2013 when I moved to contributing a BLOG: EVERYDAY CITY on an online Bangalore news magazine Citizen Matters.

In 2011, I had begun a PhD at CEPT University, Ahmedabad and the focus of the research was on how everyday practices of people influence urban informality. The context of the study was a market precinct in Russell market - one of the two inner city cores in Bangalore. The PhD was completed in 2017 and this research was published as a paper in the JOURNAL OF URBAN DESIGN in 2018.

The interest in marketplaces continued but it had taken a different form. A year ago, we set up the urban design & research collaborative called the Everyday City Lab here in Bangalore. 

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