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EVERYDAY-X. These were Walks of the IMAGINATION, an exercise we took up last August when the streets were empty. For a Week 1 exercise of the UD studio last semester, it was introduced as that 'something creative' that we so needed to kickstart a studio that was to be online. This was the Urban Design studio 'The Future of Everyday Urban Spaces' at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. It was a studio I was teaching from Bangalore. The 13 students were working from home. They were in Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Bhilai, Bangalore, Mt.Abu and Mumbai.

The students immersed themselves in recreating memories of their streets, their neighbourhoods and put these together as walks that ANYONE from ANYWHERE could walk into! You can listen to the audio walks here: Everyday-X: Week 1 (August 2).

Our Studio blog was put together by Priya Thottapally and Srushti Kottai. Thanks to both of them!

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