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The Social Life of Indian Public Spaces
This film is based on a research project conducted in 2019 that looked at how informal spaces of social interaction are created in Indian cities. Specifically, it looks at how the spaces around the chai (tea) vendors and paan (betel leaf) vendors in Ahmedabad become 'human activity nodes' at the neighbourhood level.
Peanut fair in Bangalore: Understanding Street as a Public space
This film looks at how the street becomes a predominant public space in an Indian city. It focuses on the Peanut fair (locally called the Kadlekai Parishe) that takes place for two days every year in Bangalore. We found that the peanut growers and vendors who come here from the surrounding villages use collective memory and social capital to mark and defend their territory during the Fair.
Architecture and how non-architects think
This film is based on the outcome from a course on 'ARCHITECTURE FOR NON-ARCHITECTS' offered as part of the Open course program at Azim Premji University, Bangalore. The open courses at APU are elective courses for students in the Masters programs in Development / Education / Public Policy & Governance. Course instructor: Kiran Keswani
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