The Everyday City course output at the CEPT-SWS Exhibition 2015
CEPT Summer school: At the ashwath katte in J.P.nagar

The Everyday City

The focus of this course is to develop a “way of seeing” the Indian street. It introduces participants to techniques of observing, recording and representing informal spaces in order to see and value what often gets left out of urban planning.

  • CEPT Summer School at the Center for Public Policy, IIM-Bangalore in June 2016 

  • Winter School at CEPT University, Ahmedabad in Dec 2015. See CEPT-CPP Summer school

Trees, Culture & Urban design

In this course, the spatial & ritual practices around worshipping the peepul tree are documented through sketches, photographs, maps and oral history interviews. The course hopes to study trees, culture & urban space in order to formulate an Indian idiom for urban design.

Informal marketplaces

In this studio, the attempt was to understand the role of informality in shaping urban space in the context of the Jamalpur market in Ahmedabad. It used an understanding of informal markets as structures and systems of people. See CEPT-BUD: Exploratory urban studio 2017

Architecture for Non-architects

This course attempts to enthuse students to think about the buildings that surround them, to understand the processes that make good design & to make better choices as people who inhabit designed environments. See Making space, making light: a workshop for non-architects

  • Open course at Azim Premji University (Aug-Nov 2015; Aug-Nov 2016 & Jan-May 2018)​​